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A femicide narrated by the victim

Written, Directed and Performed by MENA VASELLINO

Whenever we remain silent we are all accomplices.


This website was born from the desire to generate a strong message regarding violence against women, anywhere in the world, through Theatre. To reach a larger audience, the "internet", as a social medium, was considered a perfect solution, however, at the same time not underestimating the real magic which will always remain that of a live, on stage, performance. Therefore, to not underrate the very essence of Theater, all proceeds of this website are destined to supporting Theatrical projects with important social issues and, above all, to helping all the Associations that have given their support in this initiative and that you can find listed in the space provided.



A femicide much like any other. The show is a tribute to the many women who fall victim to domestic violence, but with a particularity... Read more


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